Find the perfect daycare for your child has access to over 3118 daycare centers in Switzerland,
out of which 828 have their own personalized profile.

We are searching and find suitable childcare offers for you.

Nursery reviews from the parents

From now on, parents can post a review of their nursery, which will help other parents in their quest for the ideal daycare for their child.

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A nursery-profile on Kitaclub. Why?

We've often been asked why a nursery should manage its profile on Kitaclub. It certainly already have its own website, and when one types its name and location in Google, Bing & co, one finds it easily.

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What does Kitaclub offer me as mom or dad?

  • All swiss daycares All swiss daycares in one place
  • Your own wishlist Create a wishlist and add your notes
  • Direct contact Contact your favorite daycares directly

What can Kitaclub offer me as daycare or nanny?

  • free web presence for daycare centers. Kitaclub offers you a free web presence to present your daycares offering.
  • Successful placement through Kitaclub, manage your availability. Sell your daycare places and manage your vacancies on Kitaclub.
  • supports your presence on the web, and increases your chance to be found by Google. supports your presence on the web, and increases your chance to be found online.

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Happy customers

Rahel Tschumis opinion on Kitaclub

„We have found our new daycare through Kitaclub. In any case, many thanks!“

Rahel Tschumi with Emilia
Regula Gmürs opinion on Kitaclub

„I like your website very much. Finally something user friendly and visually appealing. Many thanks!“

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